Welcome to Water Trade Association of Rajasthan

WATER TRADE ASSOCIATION OF RAJASTHAN (WATAR)  is a group of business community peoples of Rajasthan related to water trade manufacturers, traders, importers, whole sellers, retailers, service providers as well as industry related vendors, suppliers etc engaged in business activities related to water purification, water & waste water treatment, chemicals etc for provide safe & clean water to be useful for drinking, industrial manufacturing process, recycling and many more applications.

WATAR Founded in year 2015 with a vision to organise the Rajasthan water trade industry peoples at a single platform to provide a safe & secure business environment. WATAR is very active in conducting different activities in the areas of Water Treatment, Waste water  Treatment and Water Purification . WATAR has  more than 100 plus members  spread all over the Rajasthan. The Water Trade Association Of Rajasthan is an independent non-governmental  organisation dealing with the management and improvement of the water trade.

It is one of the major professional associations in Rajasthan that covers the whole water sector, waste water as well as drinking water and water related waste.